Mobile-AnalyticsIf  you are from business team or from IT thinking of is mobile analytics for me?, then the answer is simple – if you donot have mobile applications being offered by your enterprise to your employees or to your customers, then you can safely ignore this concept of Mobile Analytics.

If you are related to mobile applications in your enterprise either being part of business team or from IT team, then this article is for you – Yes, web analytics is for you – please read on.

Having decided to develop mobile application(s) for your enterprise, you need to be aware of the following -

  • Who is using your application (demographics)
  • Which mobile platform OS and devices are used most and least?
  • Under what search strings was your application listed to users?
  • How to know the user behavior of your application?
  • Which screens are being used most? Which screens are used least. From which screens do users exit most?
  • How many times is your application used?
  • What time of the day is it used?
  • Should I integrate my mobile content with my social media platform? If  yes, why should I do that?

If you think web analytics is the same as Mobile analytics – Yes, you are right – Web analytics is about your portal and mobile analytics is about applications on mobile.

If  you can relate to the above reasons, then you might be thinking of creating a project charter to start an IT project to implement this. Hold on, it’s not that difficult. All the IT team has to do is create a google analytics account for your enterprise and make some configuration changes to your mobile application(s) and then release a new build to your employees or customers.

All this at no commercial cost for the google analytics tool. Yes, cost would be there for making the changes.

Once the build is deployed in playstore or in itunes market store, you can see runtime information of your application as mobile analytics report from your google account.

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