touchpoint_journeyConsumer Touch Points are all forms of communication between the consumer and the service providing enterprise. For example, for a telco, a consumer will contact the service provider (telco) by call centre (voice/IVR etc), web portal and mobile application primarily.

For a e-commerce company, the consumer touch points will be web portal, mobile application and social media. For govt owned Indian railways, the touch points will be reservation counters, IRCTC website, IRCTC web application etc.

For an insurance company, the touch points will be web portal primarily along with the insurance agent.

touchpointsFor an enterprise interested to know their consumer, it’s very important to first understand the touch points and then determine what data needs to be collected at every touch point. On every mode of data collection ensure that the data is linked to the consumer and is not a data that is not linked to any consumer.

Once this data is identified, identify the data that needs to be collected, stored and analysed. For example, an ecommerce company, it would be to beneficial to know the purchase trends along with the location. Location being determined by the logged in IP or by the mobile application. Based on the location, enterprises can send location based offerings. These offerings can also be derived based on location + items purchased, or location + wishlist, locations + consumer Bday dates etc.

In fact telcos are the biggest consumers of connected consumer data. They keep track of their consumers 24*7. Based on the change of location, telco tariffs are communicated to consumer.

With social media platforms emerging as shopping-opinion platforms, enterprises need to identify their consumer on the social media using mail id or contact number and then push the relevant content to the consumer. Easy integrations of social media with enterprise applications will enable enterprises to pull consumer profile data using few data elements (email, contact num). This consumer profile data comprising of gender, age, location coupled with consumer order history, enterprises can run predictive analytics to drive revenue and most importantly for customer segmentation so that segment specific offers can be pushed directly into the minds and eyes of consumers.

These statistics from consumer barometer shows clearly the reasons why enterprises need to connect and where to connect!

consumer-barometer-graph-27fcf409-99c2-44e8-b9c8-ff22fbbee191 consumer-barometer-graph-bf0194a8-891b-44b0-b295-a6a71feae70c


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