Opinion Mining

Opinion Mining

Dictionary defines ‘Opinion’ as personal view(s), attitude(s), or appraisal of person or a thing. With the availability of processing power and internet at finger tips in the form of mobile devices, it’s common for people to publish their opinion about everything that they hear  or experience. It’s these two elements combined together that have created a new boon or headache for product vendors or service providers.

Product vendors or service providers, earlier were ignorant of the power of these opinions when common people(read: customers) wrote about this in social media. However their thinking changed when they realized that these opinions were hurting them as revenue slides and customer perceptions that now became available for their competitors.

With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others exposing their content(public opinions) free-of-cost to the public in form of APIs, a new segment called sentiment analysis was born.

Sentiment analysis, in bare shell is about putting a number to it’s customers opinions so that insights can be derived on analysis. The insights thus derived can be flaunted or be actioned to convert negative opinions to positive opinions.

At technologia, we are shaping a product to do this analysis. More on this subject soon.


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